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Let the Games Begin: Dave & Busters opens at the River

Dave & Buster’s has opened its doors in Rancho Mirage, offering a 22,000-square-foot playground for all ages. This restaurant and arcade, located at The River, replaces the former Acqua California Bistro. The space is decked out with bright lights from colorful arcade games and large high-definition TV screens, creating an exciting atmosphere. The VIP night drew over 700 eager visitors, setting the stage for its official opening to the public on September 18.

The Rancho Mirage Dave & Buster’s boasts an extensive array of over 100 arcade games and massive TV screens, making it a hub for entertainment and sports enthusiasts. The venue aims to be a gathering spot for high schoolers, colleagues, and friends due to its central location in the Coachella Valley.

In the late 1970s, Buster embarked on a culinary adventure, launching a restaurant that quickly gained fame for its delectable dishes and warm hospitality. Meanwhile, just a few doors away, Dave was pioneering an audacious entertainment hub that drew adults seeking unparalleled fun and excitement. Observing patrons seamlessly transitioning between their respective establishments, the two enterprising individuals began to hatch a daring concept: What if they merged their ventures under a single roof?

A Pioneering Venture Emerges in Dallas, 1982

Their journey led them to the vibrant culinary landscape of “Restaurant Row” in Dallas, where a vacant 40,000-square-foot warehouse caught their eye. Despite enduring skepticism from many in the restaurant industry, Dave and Buster fearlessly embraced the challenge of construction. Following the outcome of a coin toss, they christened their groundbreaking establishment as Dave & Buster’s, opening its doors for the very first time in December 1982.

140+ D&B Locations and Counting

Today, the Dave & Buster’s legacy thrives with over 140 locations, each offering an unparalleled array of state-of-the-art games, an enticing menu replete with mouthwatering delights, and an innovative selection of beverages.

For sports fans, Dave & Buster’s offers special deals during football games, including all-you-can-eat wings, discounted beer pints, and appetizers. Happy hour runs from 4 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Wednesdays offer half-price arcade games.

Dave & Buster’s also provides a variety of games, from classics like Plinko to virtual reality experiences like the “Zombieland”-inspired game. Racing games, including motorcycle races, add to the excitement. Prizes such as giant teddy bears are available, with tickets earned from playing games.

The food and drink offerings at Dave & Buster’s include a diverse menu with burgers, sandwiches, wings, chicken tenders, nachos, salads, and more. Specialty drinks like the strawberry watermelon margarita are on offer, along with a selection of wine, beer (including local options), and non-alcoholic beverages. With its extensive entertainment options, Dave & Buster’s Rancho Mirage promises a fun experience for all ages, inviting everyone to embrace their inner child.

The River

71800 CA-111 Suite A-167, Rancho Mirage,

Visit their website:

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