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Good Taste

Dragon Lili Boba Bar: Where Fantasy Meets Flavor
In a world where flavor and fantasy intertwine, Dragon Lili Boba Bar emerges as a beacon of creativity and taste. With the grand opening of its newest location in downtown Palm Springs at the historic Town & Country Center, Dragon Lili is set to enchant residents and visitors alike with its vibrant offerings and immersive…
Experience the Vibrant Atmosphere  at Vicky’s Of Santa Fe
Located in the heart of Indian Wells, Vicky’s of Santa Fe promises an unforgettable dining experience. With a reputation that precedes it, my partner and I decided to venture into Vicky's after hearing so many rave reviews from friends and neighbors.  Upon entering Vicky's, we were immediately struck by the lively atmosphere and warm ambiance…
The Pantry At Holiday House Unveils Irresistible Weekend Brunch
Nestled in the heart of Palm Springs, The Pantry at Holiday House is set to elevate weekends with the launch of its all-new brunch menu, curated by Executive Chef Shawn Applin. The intimate patio restaurant, adorned with signature blue and white awning stripe banquettes, will transport diners to the South of France with its sunny…
Kiki’s, A Taste of Italy in the Heart of La Quinta
Nestled in the heart of La Quinta, a new culinary establishment awaits at 46660 Washington St – Kiki's La Quinta, where patrons are treated to a delightful fusion of sincere hospitality and cosmopolitan yet rustic charm. Inspired by impeccable dining experiences worldwide, the partners behind Kiki's strive to bring a metropolitan level of hospitality to…
Sumo Dog: Where East-Meets-West Cuisine Takes Center Stage in Indio
In the vibrant heart of Indio a culinary revolution is brewing. A trend is emerging, and it's rewriting the rules of fusion cuisine. Welcome to Sumo Dog, where American classics meet Japanese innovation. It's a food lover's paradise, where grilled hot dogs get a makeover with a South of the Border twist and an ultra-Japanese…
The Sweet Success of Perfect Pint: A Frozen Custard Delight
Discover the delectable world of Perfect Pint Ice Cream, nestled in the heart of El Paseo Gardens, where a culinary marvel is captivating dessert enthusiasts far and wide This recent addition to the vibrant oasis, the Perfect Pint Airstream stand, has become a sensation in the dessert scene, drawing a continuous flow of visitors and adding…

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