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Just Bloom: A Chrysanthemum Inspired Collection

In a celebration of nature’s intricate artistry, Rubine Red Gallery and artist Michael Griffin invite you to explore the world of “Just Bloom” Griffen’s latest exhibition. The doors to this enchanting realm swing open at the grand Opening Reception on Saturday, September 16th, from 5 to 8 pm at the Rubine Red Gallery in Palm Springs.

A Blossoming Journey: From Monochrome to Multicolored Masterpieces

With “Just Bloom,” Griffin takes us on a captivating journey inspired by the Chrysanthemum flower. Known for its starburst-like forms, these blooms have long held Griffin’s fascination. In his previous works, he explored these natural wonders in monochromatic elegance, using bold colors and even creating pieces where blooms seemed to float magically on the canvas.

This year, Griffin pushes the boundaries of his artistry further, unveiling a new dimension in his Chrysanthemum series. The canvases burst to life with multiple shades and hues of the chosen color, infusing each piece with depth and variation. It’s a visual feast that promises to leave spectators spellbound.

The Texture of Nature

One remarkable aspect that ties Griffin’s Chrysanthemum pieces with his original abstract creations is his unwavering dedication to texture. Each work takes on a sculptural quality, achieved through the meticulous application of oil paint. With hundreds, if not thousands, of strokes from his palette knife, Griffin brings an unparalleled tactile richness to his art.

Griffin’s “Just Bloom” is more than an art exhibition; it’s a celebration of the vibrant botanical life that surrounds us. His paintings, brimming with vibrant colors, forms, and textures, are a testament to his keen eye for the natural world’s beauty.

Rubine Red Gallery
668 N Palm Canyon Dr., #102
Palm Springs

Visit their website at:

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