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In Loving Memory of Suzanne Somers: A Life Celebrated, A Legacy Remembered

The Coachellla Valley mourns the loss of a beloved icon as Suzanne Somers, the star of “Three’s Company” and “She’s the Sheriff,” passed away peacefully at her Palm Springs home at the age of 76. The news, shared by her longtime publicist R. Couri Hay, has left millions of fans in sorrow, yet her extraordinary legacy continues to shine brightly.

Born Suzanne Marie Mahoney in San Bruno, California, Somers’ life journey was a testament to resilience and determination. From her early struggles as a divorced mother to her rise in Hollywood, Somers carved her path with grace and tenacity. Her breakthrough came in 1973 with a cameo in “American Graffiti,” leading to appearances on “The Tonight Show” and eventually landing the role that would define her career, “Three’s Company.”

Somers’ impact extended far beyond the screen. Fierce and unyielding, she advocated for equal pay in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark on the fight for gender equality. Later in life, she became a prolific author, penning 25 books, 13 of which became New York Times bestsellers. Her works challenged conventional medicine, empowering readers with alternative approaches to health and wellness.

Not merely confined to acting and writing, Somers embraced entrepreneurship with zeal. Her ventures ranged from cosmetics to innovative products like the LifeWave chip, designed to protect people from electromagnetic radiation emitted by modern devices. Her multifaceted talent knew no bounds, as demonstrated by her short-lived yet dazzling stage show, “Suzanne Sizzles,” and her memorable stint on “Dancing with the Stars” Season 20 in 2015.

At the heart of Somers’ story was her enduring love affair with Palm Springs. Alongside her manager-husband, Alan Hamel, she transformed their home into an elite social center, hosting luminaries from the entertainment industry, politics, and the medical world. The couple’s decision to move to a new home in the Southridge neighborhood in 2019 didn’t diminish their connection to Palm Springs. It was a place of inspiration, a setting where Somers found solace, and a city where she nurtured her talents.

Her passing leaves a void in the hearts of those who admired her spirit, resilience, and unwavering dedication. As Palm Springs bids farewell to Suzanne Somers, the world remembers her as not just a star, but a beacon of strength, creativity, and enduring love. Though she may be gone, her legacy lives on, reminding us all to embrace life with the same passion and determination that defined her remarkable journey.

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