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California Dreamers: Unveiling the Unseen Lives of Iconic Californians

Step into the private world of over 70 Californians through the lens of Sally Davies, the celebrated New York street photographer and author of the acclaimed ‘New Yorkers.’ In her latest captivating photographic venture, “California Dreamers,” Davies takes readers on an intimate journey, capturing the essence of everyday life behind closed doors in this iconic US state.

Davies’ lens explores the heart and soul of California, delving into the lives of its diverse residents. From the bustling cityscape to the tranquil suburbs, she ventures into bedrooms, garages, and patios, bringing forth a stunning visual tapestry of the state’s vibrant multicultural communities.

What sets “California Dreamers” apart is its ability to unearth the genuine narratives of the people who call this sun-kissed land their home. Through personal testimonies and tales, readers are introduced to a rich mosaic of dreams and aspirations, all framed within the context of the state’s unique challenges, such as gridlocked traffic, urban sprawl, and environmental concerns like air pollution.

As a seasoned observer, Davies not only captures the varied faces of California but also dismantles stereotypes, showcasing the state’s diverse and eclectic population. Alongside everyday Californians, the series features notable personalities such as Linda Ramone and actor Eric McCormack.

“California Dreamers” is not merely a collection of photographs; it is a profound exploration of the human spirit within the Californian landscape. Davies skillfully illuminates the stories of models, producers, high-court judges, artists, stylists, writers, musicians, lawyers, magicians, and more, giving readers a rare glimpse into the rich tapestry of Californian life.

Photographer Sally Davies

Meet Sally Davies at her book signing in Palm Springs, Just Fabulous October 21st 1pm -3pm

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