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Kippi Leonard: A Journey into Tension, Stillness, and Depth

Nestled in the heart of Cathedral City, California, artist Kippi Leonard crafts mesmerizing compositions that breathe life into the canvas. In her studio, vibrant tension meets tranquil stillness as she meticulously layers rich hues onto raw linen and birch panel, creating a captivating interplay of elements. Leonard’s innovative approach incorporates diverse mediums, including oil paint, sand from her global adventures, cold wax medium, graphite, charcoal, oil stick, and pastel. Using potter carving tools and sandpaper, she unearths hidden moments of color, adding layers from various perspectives to her flat canvas. Her minimalist color palette, expressive line work, and diverse surface textures redefine traditional artistry, drawing viewers into a world of unearthed hues and intricate details. Beyond canvas, Leonard’s monotype print work mesmerizes with its multidimensionality and ethereal quality. Guided by intuition and process, she produces unique prints, ghost prints, and Chine Collé using oil relief inks, collage materials, and her own creations, all meticulously pressed with an etching press. Leonard’s artistry transcends borders, gracing private collections across the United States, Hong Kong, London, Sweden, the Netherlands, Dublin, Ireland, and Switzerland. Step into the realm of Kippi Leonard’s creations and experience the profound beauty of her masterful art.”

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