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PAUL Bar/Food: A Palm Springs Favorite

Nestled cleverly in a strip mall at the crossroads of Vista Chino and Gene Autry Trail, PAUL Bar/Food may be discreetly positioned alongside a dispensary and a linen uniform cleaning service, but its presence is anything but ordinary. Look out for the bold sign that reads BAR/FOOD, for within these unassuming walls lies a culinary oasis like no other.

As you step inside, you’re likely to be greeted by none other than the owner and host himself, Paul O’Halloran, sporting his signature bow tie. This intimate establishment exudes a speakeasy vibe with its dim yet inviting ambiance, making every guest feel like they’re part of an exclusive gathering hosted by Paul himself. The tight-knit team of staff strives to turn each dining experience into a special event, welcoming guests from Wednesday through Sunday to indulge in some of the finest unpretentious American fare in the valley.

The menu at PAUL Bar/Food is a testament to culinary excellence, showcasing a carefully curated selection that allows each dish to shine. Among the favorites are the Iceberg Wedge, boasting a generous amount of crisp bacon and a drizzle of ranch dressing. The bone-in pork chop, burger, and chicken schnitzel also steal the show, consistently leaving patrons craving for more. To conclude your meal on a sweet note, make sure to leave room for Paul’s signature pot de crème—an ever-changing delight that sells out quickly.

To complement the exceptional cuisine, PAUL Bar/Food offers an extensive selection of handcrafted cocktails, a curated wine list, and locally brewed craft beers. Behind the bar, talented mixologists concoct unique and refreshing drinks that perfectly harmonize with the flavors of the food, taking the dining experience to new heights.

PAUL Bar/Food has undoubtedly earned its place as a culinary destination in Palm Springs, enchanting diners with its enticing ambiance, culinary mastery, and impeccable service. Whether you’re seeking an intimate dinner for two or a lively gathering with friends, this hidden gem promises a memorable experience that will undoubtedly leave you yearning for a return visit.

PAUL Bar/Food
3700 E. Vista Chino 
Palm Springs, CA 

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