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The Sweet Success of Perfect Pint: A Frozen Custard Delight

Discover the delectable world of Perfect Pint Ice Cream, nestled in the heart of El Paseo Gardens, where a culinary marvel is captivating dessert enthusiasts far and wide

This recent addition to the vibrant oasis, the Perfect Pint Airstream stand, has become a sensation in the dessert scene, drawing a continuous flow of visitors and adding to the brand’s growing acclaim. The partners behind this delightful venture are married couple Jordan Panaiotov and Gabrielle Nagengast. Panaiotov, a native of Bulgaria who has called the valley home since childhood, brings his business expertise from owning Cali Safe Access, a pioneering cannabis delivery service. Nagengast, a graduate of a prestigious culinary school, contributes her culinary prowess. Their collaboration marries Panaiotov’s business acumen with Nagengast’s culinary expertise, forming the foundation of their success story.

At the core of their triumph lies the artful preparation of custard, a meticulous process symbolizing Panaiotov and Nagengast’s unwavering dedication to quality.

Unlike regular ice creams, their custard incorporates egg yolks, imparting a luxurious creaminess that distinguishes it from the rest. With a commitment to excellence, each pint undergoes a two-hour preparation, ensuring no shortcuts are taken.

The custard is crafted daily at their manufacturing facilities in Palm Desert, reflecting their dedication to delivering unparalleled taste. Exciting news awaits dessert aficionados as Perfect Pint’s newest location is set to open soon at Desert Premium Outlets in Cabazon, providing even more opportunities to indulge in their delightful creations.

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