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Home is Where the Art Is: Mark Pellegrino opens his home to help support the Palm Springs Museum.

There’s no shortage of creative minds in the sun-soaked Palm Springs region we call home. And for those of us looking to become more immersed in the art realm, you’re invited to the first-ever Desert Art Salon featuring over twenty-five local artists alongside Palm Springs Art Museum board members and supporters. But how has the local art community and the renowned Palm Springs Art Museum forged a relationship as so? Meet Mark Pellegrino, a dedicated art collector whose journey through the ever-evolving art world has transformed him into a prominent figure in Palm Springs’s art world. Pellegrino’s love affair with art began in his early teens when he purchased his first sculpture. “It’s a sculpture titled “Falling Man” by Tim Jewel. Every once and a while, I’ll look for the artist online, but I can never find anything about him. I bought it for a few hundred bucks in New York which was a lot of money for me at the time. Little did I know, it would remain as one of my favorite pieces in my collection forty years later.”

Pellegrino’s collection is a testament to his eclectic taste. His home, usually a carefully curated gallery of diverse artworks, currently holds thirty-seven art pieces all up for auction on October 21st. From vivid abstracts to intricate textile sculptures, Pellegrino’s collection of art being showcased at the Desert Art Salon is a product of the relationships he’s made with the artists themselves. Many of them are close friends and artists he’s encountered at the Perez Art District. He’s even hand-picked each piece from each artist’s collection to perfectly curate the night’s style. But of course not only artists will be in attendance on October 21st; the bulk of attendees will be Palm Springs Art Museum supporters and donors who also share a passion for the art world of Palm Springs. “I wanted to build a bridge between the local artists and MUSEUM.” Many believe that the Palm Springs Art Museum and the local art scene lack association and Pellegrino believes this event has the ability to change that.

Beyond his personal collection, Pellegrino is deeply involved in the local art community. He started hosting salons, and intimate gallery exhibitions, out of his own house to bright light to emerging artists, writers, and everything in between. “My salons are about creating connections and celebrating who people are and what they bring to the community,” Pellegrino states. The Desert Art Salon will mark its fourth salon and the first to gather the attention of the Palm Springs Art Museum. He first thought of merging the local art scene with the museum back in May. After bouncing his idea off a few artists and members of the Perez Art District, he decided to reach out to the Palm Springs Art Museum only a few weeks later which is how Desert Art Salon was born.

Pellegrino’s journey as an art collector is a testament to the deep impact art can have on an individual’s life. His passion, dedication, and unwavering support for artists in the valley have not only enriched his own life but have shined a light on many emerging artists who likely would have gone unnoticed. From a once amateur art collector to now a leading art enthusiast that gallerists recognize throughout the valley, Mark Pellegrino has certainly made his footprint in the art community wherever he may be.
The Desert Art Salon and Sale will be held on October 21, 2023. Tickets can be purchased through the museum website.

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