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Nickerson-Rossi Dance Shines Bright in Palm Desert Debut

In a dazzling celebration of artistry and community, Nickerson-Rossi Dance, a beloved dance troupe, marked a significant milestone on Thursday evening, October 5th, with the grand unveiling of their new Palm Desert Studio. The event, a “Soft Opening” as affectionately termed by Artistic Founder Michael Nickerson-Rossi, welcomed esteemed guests, dedicated students, faculty, and dance enthusiasts to experience the magic of their latest venture.

A decade-long journey that began in Palm Springs found its expansion in Palm Desert, driven by a heartfelt commitment to address the needs of East Valley families. Recognizing the accessibility challenges faced by the community, Nickerson-Rossi Dance opened the doors of their new studio, offering a haven for aspiring dancers and enthusiasts alike.

Guests were not only treated to the breathtaking new facility but also indulged in the enchanting melodies of live piano, played by the talented Michael Roberts. The evening was graced by the presence of Michael Nickerson-Rossi, the visionary behind the company, who shared the inspiring vision they hold for their role in the community.

The Palm Desert Studio will be a hub of creativity, offering programs such as the Nickerson-Rossi Dance Academy, providing pre-professional dance education and access to higher learning opportunities. Additionally, the School Alliance Education program, a collaborative effort with local school districts, will bring the art of dance to numerous schools, fostering a love for movement and expression among young learners.

One of the evening’s most touching moments was the announcement of the renaming of the original space in Palm Springs to “The Bianchin Stage” in honor of Laurie and John Bianchin, devoted friends, supporters, and Board members. The heartfelt gesture left the recipients visibly moved, embodying the spirit of community and appreciation that Nickerson-Rossi Dance embodies.

The evening was punctuated with mesmerizing performances that left the audience in awe. From a captivating new piece by Level 3 Pre-Professional Dancers to a stunning duet choreographed to the iconic “MY BABY SHOT ME DOWN,” performed by Executive Director Chad Allen Ortiz and Principal Dancer Heidi Buehler, each performance resonated with passion and skill. An NRD Quartet comprising Chad Allen Ortiz, Hailee Mitchell, Samantha DeMarco, and Marissa Andresky presented a breathtaking piece titled “DON’T LET GO,” leaving spectators spellbound.

The grand finale featured 12-year-old prodigy Vincenza Gist, who danced her heart out to Barbra Streisand’s “DON’T RAIN ON MY PARADE,” choreographed by the talented Cristina McKeever. The crowd was enraptured by her talent and enthusiasm, making it a moment to remember.

Amidst the performances, the evening also highlighted the transformative impact of Nickerson-Rossi Dance on its students. Hearing heartfelt testimonials from students like Victoria Thomas and Corey Levine underscored the profound influence the studio has had on their lives, emphasizing the invaluable role of such artistic sanctuaries within the community.

As Nickerson-Rossi Dance steps into this new chapter, they eagerly anticipate becoming an integral part of the Palm Desert community. With open doors and hearts, they are poised to welcome a future generation of dancers, ensuring that the art of dance continues to flourish, enriching lives and inspiring dreams.

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