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Embracing Creativity: Art & Sol Series Returns to Greater Palm Springs

Tina Turntables
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Visit Greater Palm Springs

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes and sun-soaked vistas of Southern California lies a hidden gem – Greater Palm Springs, a haven for artists and cultural enthusiasts alike. Now, with great excitement, Visit Greater Palm Springs unveils the eagerly awaited second season of its celebrated video series, Art & Sol, inviting viewers on a captivating journey into the heart of this oasis of art.

Building upon the resounding success of its inaugural season, the new installment of Art & Sol promises to delve even deeper into the vibrant arts and culture scene of Greater Palm Springs. Through intimate conversations with local artists and performers, the series illuminates the diverse tapestry of creativity that thrives within this desert paradise.

Super Bloom
Photo Credit:, Visit Greater Palm Springs @visitgreaterps
Super Bloom
Photo Credit:, Visit Greater Palm Springs @visitgreaterps
Photo Credit: Visit Greater Palm Springs @visitgreaterps
Photo Credit: Visit Greater Palm Springs @visitgreaterps

Art & Sol is more than just a video series; it’s a celebration of the rich cultural landscape and creative community that defines Greater Palm Springs,” expresses Colleen Pace, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Visit Greater Palm Springs. “Each episode invites viewers to explore our destination through the eyes of the talented artists who call it home.”

The upcoming season of Art & Sol introduces audiences to a diverse array of creatives, ranging from fiber artists and muralists to musicians and DJs, each offering a unique perspective shaped by the desert’s inspiring backdrop. Through their stories, viewers are afforded a deeper appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between art, community, and cultural heritage in Greater Palm Springs.

Part of the acclaimed Oasis of Art campaign, the Art & Sol series invites art enthusiasts and culture seekers to immerse themselves in a mosaic of artistic experiences. By subscribing to the Visit Greater Palm Springs YouTube channel, viewers can embark on a journey through the latest episodes of Art & Sol, staying connected to the pulse of inspiration that permeates the region.

For those eager to explore the artistic wonders of Greater Palm Springs further, resources such as the artsGPS app and additional information about the Art & Sol series are available at Join us in celebrating the boundless creativity that flourishes within the heart of this desert oasis.

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