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MCM Monsters: A Modernist Tribute to Childhood Fascinations

In a celebration of modernism that promises to be a blockbuster, James Bacchi presents “MCM Monsters,” a solo exhibition featuring original works by master printmaker Eric Rewitzer at JAMES BACCHI CONTEMPORARY. The exhibition, which will continue through March 31, 2024, showcases a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary artistry at The Shops at 1345 in Palm Springs, CA.

Eric Rewitzer, whose upbringing in suburban Detroit during the 1970s was punctuated by Creature Feature broadcasts, draws inspiration from childhood memories steeped in the allure of Godzilla and other monstrous icons. “Long before I understood the symbolism of these creatures, I was captivated by the sheer spectacle of it all,” recalls Rewitzer. Now based in California, he channels these early influences into his art practice, using linoleum and woodblock carving techniques to create captivating prints that evoke a sense of wonder and imagination.

The genesis of “MCM Monsters” lies in Rewitzer’s exploration of the carved line. Experimenting with relief printing, he found that his subject matter naturally gravitated towards the fantastical creatures of his youth. From towering behemoths to mysterious beasts, his prints bring these iconic figures to life, with a nod to the cinematic mastery of artists like Frank Miller. What sets his work apart is the incorporation of color, achieved through the intricate layering of cut paper on inked plates, resulting in one-of-a-kind compositions that blur the line between printmaking and mixed media.

For James Bacchi, whose visionary curation has been instrumental in shaping the Palm Springs art scene, “MCM Monsters” represents another milestone in his mission to elevate contemporary art discourse. Building on the success of previous exhibitions like “THE HEAT” and “JAZZED,” Bacchi continues to push boundaries with a keen eye for talent and innovation.

In “NEO-MODERNISM,” showcased at the 2023 Fall Modernism Show, Bacchi offered a tantalizing glimpse into the future of mid-century art and design. Featuring artists like Mark Tennant, Howard Hersh, and Jhina Alvarado alongside selected furnishings, the exhibition underscored Bacchi’s commitment to bridging the gap between past and present, tradition and innovation.

As “MCM Monsters” takes center stage at JAMES BACCHI CONTEMPORARY, it invites viewers on a journey of rediscovery—a nostalgic homage to childhood fantasies reimagined through the lens of modernist aesthetics. With its blend of whimsy and technique, Eric Rewitzer’s masterful prints remind us that the monsters of our imagination are never far from reach, waiting to be unleashed onto the canvas of possibility.

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